Econolite - Lampada (1) - Legno duro, carta, vinile

Econolite - Lampada (1) - Legno duro, carta, vinile
Stati Uniti - 1957

Rare Econolite lamp from 1956, made in the USA. A so-called motion lamp, whose inner workings are activated by the heat of the light bulb. With a depiction of automobiles, a Stutz Bearcats and a Ford Model T with simulated driving motion. The base is made of hardwood, the lampshade is made of lithographed paper, lined with vinyl inside. The vinyl has become a bit uneven due to many years of use, so the rotating part should be precisely set up and activated by hand to ensure it rotates properly. Small tear in vinyl.
Very good condition with signs of wear.
Height 30 cm, long oval side 17 cm, narrow oval side 14 cm.
To see the lamp in motion:

Dettagli lotto
N° di oggetti
Legno duro, carta, vinile
Produttore / Marchio
Periodo stimato
Paese d’origine
Stati Uniti
In buone condizioni - usato, con piccoli segni dell’età.
29×17×14 cm
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