Gabbia per uccelli, Voliera

Gabbia per uccelli, Voliera
Francia - 1950-1999 - Ferro (ghisa/battuto), Legno, rovere, Spelter

Beautiful 20th century bird aviary, despite its age in an exceptionally good condition, and very clean. Beautiful handicrafts of which characteristic the beautifully finished turrets. A front door that closes well with a nice iron wire closure. The back door works on a clamp suspension, and closes very well, also open/closing does an excellent job. Beautiful and solid iron wire gives the birdcage a solid appearance/nothing crooked/bent, nice and tight! The woodwork is in an excellent condition /still neat in the paintwork despite the age, fine. The zinc floor, finished with wood, also works fine as a drawer -- and is in a neat/clean condition. The dimensions are: height up to the tip 60 cm, and wide 50 cm, deep approx. 20 cm. This 20th century bird aviary is truly a gem, and 2 canaries can be well housed in it.

Dettagli lotto
Gabbia per uccelli, Voliera
Ferro (ghisa/battuto), Legno, rovere, Spelter
Modello / nome
Voliére / Vogelkooi /antieke vogelhuis
Periodo stimato
Paese d’origine
In buone condizioni - usato, con piccoli segni dell’età.
60×20×50 cm
5 kg
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