Zaicikas Tadas (TedyZet) - Lines #61 XXL

Zaicikas Tadas (TedyZet) - Lines #61 XXL
Inchiostro, Vernici spray, Acrilico, Gel su tela - Firmato a mano - Originale - 2021

"“Art is not about understanding” - I don't want to show the problems of the global world, I just express my own world on the canvas as I feel it. Through the vivid colors and the impulsive lines like a mirror of my emotion. But my idea is to create the thing on the wall so that every viewer can feel my art in a way that works for them. I am dreaming that my works will become alive, with their own history." , -

Hand signed on the front and versus by the artist.

Each paintings are an original one-off piece of work! Artist' listed by worldwide art auctions, it prove a valuable investment!

EXPRESS SHIPPING! Shipping canvas rolled up in the tube.

Including Certificate of Authenticity.

Artist was born in 1974 in Lithuania. Tadas an international doing art full-time artist, living, and working in France, UK, and Canada. Member of several organizations and artistic groups. Prizes winner. He have numerous publications in art magazines and art catalogs. Listed in art auctions. Have participated in many art exhibitions and art fairs around the world.

Upcoming Art show in 2021:

"Tokyo Art Exhibition", 27th-30th May 2021
M.A.D.S. Art gallery, Milano, Italy - Art Exhibition “Phìlo-poèm” 21.05.2021 – 31.05.2021

Exhibitions in past a few years:

In 2020
ADAF -2020- Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art Gallery SUDIO AESSE _Group show -Antwerpian, Belgium
Bougie Art Gallery - Group show- Toronto, Canada
ART CAPITAL - Paris, France

In 2019
MAMAG Modern Art Museum– group show - Austria
Art Shopping at Carrusel du Louvre - Paris, France
Le Salon Des Independants En Coree Du Sud- Seoul, South Korea
TriBeCa Art Show -NYC, USA
1stdibs Art Show -NYC, USA
International Fine Art Biennale Basel -Basel, Switzerland

In 2018
Spectrum Miami- Miami, USA
Art Shopping at Carrusel Du Louvre- Paris, France
MANIFESTA 12, BIENNIAL- Palermo, Italy
Visions gallery -Toronto, Canada
Artusiasm Art Gallery Toronto, Canada

Dettagli lotto
Zaicikas Tadas (TedyZet)
Titolo dell'opera
Lines #61 XXL
Inchiostro, Vernici spray, Acrilico, Gel su tela
Firmato a mano
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
160×0.25×107 cm
2 kg
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