Frédérique Constant - Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph Limited Edition 1225/1888 - FC-392HVG6B6 - Uomo - 2011-presente

Frédérique Constant - Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph Limited Edition 1225/1888 - FC-392HVG6B6 - Uomo - 2011-presente
Meccanico automatico - Acciaio - Set completo

How do you truly know when a classic is… well…genuinely a classic? It's easy, really.It's when the classic item instils, inspires and evokes the same irresistible passions it stirred when it was first launched, whether 40 years, 60 years or a century has passed.The Healey NOJ is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, just such a car. This amazing, iconic automobile became all but extinct when one of the last of its kind was almost completely destroyed in an horrific crash while participating in a legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

Thankfully, classic cars also inspire true and unquenchable devotion, and on May 8, a press conference was held at Bonham's House to reintroduce the elegant, awe-inspiring Healey NOJ, which has been lovingly restored to its original glory. And once this legendary motor car has been reacquainted with an adoring public, it will once again make its way to a number of vintage rally events, including what will undoubtedly be an emotional return to a Classics event at Le Mans in 2014. As beautifully constructed and classic as the Healey NOJ car that inspired their creation, the Frédérique Constant Vintage Rally "Healey" Collection is designed for those whose passions rise every time they hear the roar of a finely tuned engine. With functionality that is every classic car rally enthusiast's dream, this watch clearly encourages you to Live your Passion! Frédérique Constant has for many years been associated with vintage rallys which have included and featured Healey cars. In May 2013, the 4th European Healey Rally will be held in Scotland, and once again, Frédérique Constant will be honoured to be the Official Timekeeper of this meeting.

Brand: Frederique Constant
Model: Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph Limited Edition 1225/1888
Case: Steel
Movement: Valjoux 7750 Automatic
Diameter: 43mm without crown
Strap: Original Great condition strap
Strap length: 22cm with case
Clasp: Original
Condition: Little worn&Excellent condition 9/10

Extras: Full Set with special Car

Shipping via Fedex or UPS (Its so safe and fast)


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Frédérique Constant
Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph Limited Edition 1225/1888
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Meccanico automatico
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Set completo
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