LEEMA - Elements - Stereo & Mono Block - Amplificatore di potenza

LEEMA - Elements - Stereo & Mono Block - Amplificatore di potenza
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Flexible finesse

The unit can be used as a conventional stereo power amplifier with a preamp level, or can be switched to one-piece mode and used in multiples for stereo or multichannel systems. When used in one-piece mode, the output power is dramatically increased, providing incredible dynamics and snapping in a tiny half-width frame.

Extensive protection systems are incorporated to ensure long-term reliability. These include detection of over-voltage, under-voltage, power surges, overheating and defects for speaker protection.

RCA-type or balanced XLR-type input connection.

Features and specifications:

Stereo mode, both channels are controlled:

8 Ohms: 55 watts RMS / channel
4 Ohms: 92 watts RMS / channel
2 Ohms: 160 watts RMS / channel

Minimum load impedance 2 Ohms.

Bridged mode:

8 ohms: 210 watts RMS
4 ohms: 365 watts RMS

Minimum load impedance 4 Ohms.

THD: 0.015%

Frequency response: 5 Hz - 100 kHz (+ 0 / -3 dB)

Number of symmetric inputs (XLR): 1

Number of asymmetric inputs (RCA): 2

Pre-out outputs: 1

Thermal protection: Yes.

Measurements: 220 x 340 x 88 mm

Weight: 10.5 kg

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Elements - Stereo & Mono Block
Vari modelli
Tipo di apparecchiatura
Amplificatore di potenza
Come nuovo
Numero di oggetti
Cavo di alimentazione, Manuale d’uso originale
10.5 kg
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Tested and working/playable
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