Spagna - Esercito/fanteria - Morrion casco vecchia riproduzione artigianale

Spagna - Esercito/fanteria - Morrion casco vecchia riproduzione artigianale
Replica non autorizzata - acciaio, non inossidabile - Buone condizioni

Artisanal older reproduction Spanish steel Morrion helmet, of original Spanish XVI century model, which were originally produced in the Spanish province ''la Castilla'' and were used by Spanish infantry in XVI and XVII century.
The Spanish Morrion has been traditionally crafted since the time they were in use until now and making a Morrion requires several specialized skills of the blacksmith which were transferred from generation to generation, among others nowadays in the province of Toledo.
Condition: good; visible dent and some other minor traces of use and superficial rust but no repairs; the ''ostrich spring holder'' at the rear was once replaced (the nails are newer)
Weight 1.4 kg
Age: estimated between 40 to more than 100 years based on the only two references I found of this model and from that time period in Spain of 1) an identical helmet which was punched RM 1881 (restos militares/military surplus 1881); 2) of again identical model, however, undated but also originating in Spain.

Will be well packaged and shipped with a tracking number.
If the international shipping costs for your country are clearly lower than the calculated amount, I will contact you to refund the difference

Dettagli lotto
Morrion casco vecchia riproduzione artigianale
Paese d’origine
Reparto dell’esercito
acciaio, non inossidabile
Buone condizioni
Originale/ Replica
Replica non autorizzata
Taglia (Abbigliamento/Elmetti)
62 cm binnendiameter
31×27.5×35 cm
Viene fornito con certificato di autenticità.
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