Sugden - CD-21 - Lettore CD

Sugden - CD-21 - Lettore CD
Eccellenti condizioni - Numero di oggetti: 2 - Inclusi: Lettore CD - Cavo di alimentazione, Telecomando

Very beautifull high end cd player from JE SUGDEN!

The Sugden CD-21 is a development of the earlier Audition series, the main areas of improvement being the implementation of a more sophisticated zero feedback class A output stage and a much modified digital output. The appearance of the player is a no frills, bordering on "no buttons at all" design. The Sugden CD-21 uses Philips' CDM12.1 short-loader mechanism, modified in house by Sugden, and an 18-bit, hybrid, bit stream/multi unit DAC which is claimed to serve up a wide dynamic range and high degree of linearity in the audio spectrum of the low and mid frequencies. The output feeds the Sugden DAC and analogue output board. These circuits are powered by no less than six regulated DC power supplies to minimize high frequency performance and protect the sanctity of the musical performance.

Because the analog conversion is done through a discrete component DC-coupled Class A output stage, the Sugden CD-21 has the ability to develop complete music spectrum, with natural dynamics and a clean sweet extended top end. The sound system is characterized by an extraordinary lightness of touch and a lovely delicate treble, which is almost entirely free from grain and fatiguing effects. It does not have the deepest or tautest bass, instead it has a warmth, natural flowing organic presentation. Complicated tunes are delivered without fluster or muddle, simple ones with pace and conviction. In its lucid, undemonstrative, and wonderfully easy-breathing delivery, the Sugden CD-21 sounds almost valve-like. The result is a seductive warmth and weight that is impossible to resist.

The display flashes a little but is easy to read and not disturbing.

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Lettore CD
Eccellenti condizioni
Numero di oggetti
Cavo di alimentazione, Telecomando
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5 kg
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Tested and working/playable
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