Speedy Graphito (1961) - Mes 400 Coups

Speedy Graphito (1961) - Mes 400 Coups
disegno originale - Firmato a mano - 400

Dessin original par Speedy Graphito
With the book “Mes 400 Coups”
the book is in a 400-copy edition - Hand signed and numbered.
Each illustration is signed.

Frenchman Olivier Rizzo, aka Speedy Graphito, is one of the founders of the French Street Art movement. Imposing a powerful and innovative style in the early 1980s, Speedy left its mark on a generation of artists and contemporary art. Always in tune with the times, he keeps abreast of iconoclastic pictorial languages that satire society. Over decades of evolution, Speedy Graphito has mastered a style that explores the tragedies of commercialism while making reference to pop culture icons and street art influences. Particularly inspired by the iconography of animated characters from cinema and television, Speedy aims to reinterpret the visual landscape that has become so banal. Its influence on new generations of artists and the current culture is unprecedented. Speedy Graphito’s artworks are exhibited in private and public collections all over the world. Speedy Graphito lives and works in Paris.

In the Street Art category like Banksy, D*Face, Fin Dac, Invader, Whatshisname, Chevrier, Kaws, Blek le rat, Snik, Shepard Fairey, Speedy Graphito, Dran, Seth, Goin, Alessio B, Jonone, C215, Arsham, Basquiat , Bambi, Faile. Whatson, Eelus, Pure Evil, Brainwash, JR, Paul Insect.

Dettagli lotto
Speedy Graphito (1961)
Titolo dell'opera
Mes 400 Coups
disegno originale
Firmato a mano
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
15×15×3 cm
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