Handmade - Vari strumenti (come mostrato in descrizione) - Tailandia

Handmade - Vari strumenti (come mostrato in descrizione) - Tailandia
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The saw U was invented since the era of the present Bangkok period (ca. 1782) or maybe from the end of the previous era of Ayudya (ca. 1700 - 1767). Towards the end of the 19th century, the Saw U was added to the pi-phat-mai nuam ensemble that uses padded sticks and the pi phat derk dam ban, a special pi phat ensemble in a certain form of theatre. In the past the Saw U was generally played in pi phat ensemble with other accompanying instruments. Thai people call it "Saw U" because of the characteristic sound Thai people heard. [2] The body is made of a coconut shell that is covered with cowhide on the open front. The saw is held vertically and has two silk strings that are played with a bow. The bow is located between the strings and the player tilts the bow to play each string. The bow is made of horsehair like any other bow and rosin should be applied occasionally, just like with a Western string instrument. The saw u is a very vulnerable instrument and is traditionally played sitting on your lap. The saw u be played as a solo instrument in some cases, but is mainly used as a backbone in some ensembles due to its rich, dark and soft tone. The saw u performs best when playing slow to moderate melodies. The sound that the saw u makes is more suitable for those types of songs than for fast melodies. The morning (bridge) resting at the bottom is extremely sensitive and floats over time, causing tone changes. The saw u is similar to the Cambodian tro u and was developed by the Chinese into the yehu. Unfortunately the bow is not there, I bought it in this condition

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Vari strumenti (come mostrato in descrizione)
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