Spagna. Alfonso XII (1874-1885). 25 Pesetas - 1882*1882. MS-M - Escasa.

Spagna. Alfonso XII (1874-1885). 25 Pesetas - 1882*1882. MS-M - Escasa.
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Spain - Alfonso XII (1874–1885)

25 gold Pesetas (8.12 g, 24 mm) - 1882*18-82. MS-M (M = M.Morejon, S = P.Sala, M = A.Mendoza)

8.12 g in weight and 24 mm in diameter.

KM# 687, Cal# 16. The rarest. Only 413,741 were minted.

In excellent condition with a wealth of details. Beautiful colour scheme.

Please have a look at the photos to get a proper impression regarding the lot.

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Dettagli lotto
Alfonso XII (1874-1885)
25 Pesetas
Anno / Periodo e Variazione
- 1882*1882. MS-M - Escasa.
Metallo prezioso
Non certificato
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