B&O - Capri 607 S 23'' Television black and white. Desig Ib Fabiansen 1959 - TV a schermo piatto B & O

B&O - Capri 607 S 23'' Television black and white. Desig Ib Fabiansen 1959 - TV a schermo piatto B & O
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Very rare B&O Capri 607 S 23 "Television black and white, in a beautiful crafted cabinet, designed by architect Ib Fabiansen in 1959.

Typical late 50s design, this tv was a very pricey 'big screen', with its 23 inches.

Standing on swivelling wheels, the placement of the television was flexible, and there was enough room for very good sound reproduction in this relatively large cabinet.

In the sales brochure from 1960 we found this:

'' In itself, the Capri television model is a real bright spot for both seller and buyer,
and it's now also available in a console version.
B&O has thus met a large audience request and at the same time delivered
a blatant proof that technology and design can merge into a higher entity,
when real professionals in these fields get free hands.

The B&O TV automation ("just the push of a button" system) includes:
1) B&O line automatic (the image can no longer "overturn").
2) B&O contrast automatics (a photocell "measures" the lighting in the living room and
sets the contrast automatically).
3) B&O height and width automation (regardless of whether the mains voltage increases or
falls, the image is firmly locked). This special automation consists of:
a) The ready button that makes "woolly" images at Eurovision or movie broadcasts
more contour sharp.
b) The correction button, which is preferably used when receiving a German
transmitter, adapting the receiver to German standards.
Capri has very fine distance characteristics. The true photographic richness of detail
in the picture is a hallmark of Capri. All push buttons sit comfortably on the front
the appliance, whereas all knobs are located on the side - comfortably away from
field of view. Excellent sound reproduction with push-button tone correction.

We have checked the machine and powered it up, but due to the age of the device, it is sold as 'non functional'

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Capri 607 S 23'' Television black and white. Desig Ib Fabiansen 1959
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TV a schermo piatto B & O
Varie condizioni
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30 kg
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Not tested
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