Germania - Francobollo, Medaglia, Spada

Germania - Francobollo, Medaglia, Spada
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According to an employee of the Saxon Mint, this commemorative coin in coin size on the occasion of the 300-year reign of 1694-1994 of the Friedrich August I. - elector was issued from Saxony in 1994 in a very small Edition. According to the oral call-info, there were only 250 of these commemorative medals, which should have been given to charitable associations and social organizations. But all this is hear / say and so far hasn’t been confirmed in writing by any public authority. In my possession it came through a house clearing, which should be done well-swept without payment, but everything of which I hoped had value I have taken from the estate and kept it. Because I couldn’t find this medal anywhere on the Internet, I see it as a very RARE one of a kind.

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Francobollo, Medaglia, Spada
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