Julius Keilwerth - Super De Luxe - Tromboon - Germania

Julius Keilwerth - Super De Luxe - Tromboon - Germania
Buone condizioni - Numero di oggetti: 1 - Inclusi: Tromboon - Custodia rigida

Julius Keilwerth - Super de Luxe Trombone (Jazz Trombone) - Sliding tube - Germany - 1965
This is the Super de Luxe model in the two-tone version (gold lacquered and nickel-plated). The trombone has a small hole and a bell with a diameter of about 183 mm, with two mouthpieces (4 and 7C), the original case and a tube made of trombone grease Trombotine Slide Lubricant.
The slides work well. The instrument is well tuned and may require minimal tuning, according to the expectations of the musician who uses it.
All individual parts that are screwed function normally.
Overall, the tool is in very good general condition for its age.
The photos are part of the description of the article.
Number of articles: 1 - Including: Sliding tube - Hard case, Original case
Concert trumpet with funnel and gilding by Keilwerth.
Works, was in use until 2018.
Please look at the photos, they are part of the description.
Height 52 cm, valves 14 cm, diameter 12 cm.
It will be sent with insurance.

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Julius Keilwerth
Super De Luxe
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