Märklin H0 - 37661 - Locomotiva elettrica - Serie E-52 - DRG

Märklin H0 - 37661 - Locomotiva elettrica - Serie E-52 - DRG
CA - Corrente alternata/Digitale, Suono - Come nuovo - Nella scatola originale

Märklin H0 - 37661 - Electric locomotive, Series BR E-52 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (DRG).
Beautiful electric locomotive of the DRG.
Running number: E-52 30

In the grey and green livery with a black chassis.
Metal grey roof with green insulators and black pantographs.

Powered on 2 axles with 4 traction tyres.
Motor compartment with fitted interior.
The length between the buffers is 19.8 cm.

With a digital decoder and controlled high-efficiency propulsion.
Built-in sound module with a compressed-air signal horn.
Front signal lights with digital control.
Compressed air signal horn with digital control via control unit 6021.
Front-signal lights function with normal operation.

Tested and fully functional.
No breakage or paint damage

Please see the photos for an accurate impression of this beautiful locomotive.
The presentation rail is not part of this offer.

The Series BR E52 consists of an electric locomotive that was built in the early 1920s by Maffei and WASSEG, as commissioned by the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gruppenverwaltung Bayern. The locomotive that was originally classified as the Bayerische EP5 was used for heavy passenger transport on the recently electrified main routes in Bavaria. With a weight of 140 tons, this locomotive is the heaviest electric locomotive ever deployed in Germany.

Development and deployment.
The Gruppenverwaltung Bayern of the Deutsche Reichsbahn ordered 35 locomotives from the manufacturers Maffei and WASSEG (A partnership between Siemens and AEG). Maffei then built the mechanical part and WASSEG provided the electrical installations. The axle configuration was 2'BB2'. The propulsion unit of the EP5 consisted of 4 electric motors that powered the 4 main axles. In 1924 and 1925, the locomotives were delivered as the Bavarian EP5 and the running numbers were 21 501 through to 21 535. The locomotives were deployed on the newly electrified routes in Bavaria. In 1927, these locomotives were re-classified as the Series E52 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) and given new running numbers E52 01 to E52 35. The locomotives remained active in the state of Bavaria. During the 2nd World War, the locomotives E52 02, E52 31 and E52 35 were irreparably damaged and decommissioned. After the 2nd World War the locomotives were assigned to the German Federal Railroad (DB). Up until 1950, the locomotives E52 01, E52 29 and E52 32 were also decommissioned due to war damage. In 1952, the remaining locomotives were classified as Series BR 152. In the 1960s these locomotives were moved and were then based at Nuremberg. They were deployed on the route between Nuremberg and Treuchtlingen. In February 1973, the 152 014 was retired from service as the last locomotive, and as such the deployment of these locomotives came to an end. A number of these locomotives were utilised for a further period as transformer stations for the electric heating of carriages and for the supply of current to points sets. The drive shafts were first removed.

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