Panini - World Cup Story + World Cup Russia 2018 - 2 scatole sigillate

Panini - World Cup Story + World Cup Russia 2018 - 2 scatole sigillate
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Panini, two original, unopened boxes of Panini: 1 x World Cup Story (1990) and 1 x World Cup 2018 Russia, in the two boxes there are a total of 100 packs.

The content per pack is 4 stickers for the WorId Cup Story and 5 stickers for WK 2018, so in total this is 450 stickers, completely new.

In World Cup Story you will find finalists of World Cups from 1970 to 1990 only, supplemented with emblems and posters, in the packs you may find Pele, Maradona or Cruyff, and other greats.

The World Cup of 2018 was won by France, this was the second time in their history, on the way to the final against Croatia Argentina and Belgium were eliminated, well-known players that you can encounter in these packs are e.g. C Ronaldo, A Griezmann, K Mbappé, K de Bruyne, R Lukaku, M SaIah, L Modric, P Pogba, C Eriksen, M Mandzukic, L Messi and many other big and less big names from three years ago.

View the photos of the lot carefully for your own impression of the whole, as many sides of the lot have been photographed as possible, the package will be packed with great care to minimize the risk of damage, in a sturdy box and wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap.

The shipment of this lot is registered within NL and to other countries anywhere in the world, and with insurance that covers the value of the winning bid; the shipment of the lot takes place at the latest three business days after receipt of the payment, there are advantageous, combined shipping costs in case of winning several lots within one and the same auction, therefore please wait a while with the completion of the payment until the auction is completely finished.

Absent for a few days due to holidays or other circumstances, please let us know after payment, keep an eye on the track and trace code for an indication of when the package will be delivered please. In the case of a failed delivery, the package will usually only be stored for a short time at a collection point nearby. Thanks in advance for the effort and for your attentiveness.

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World Cup Story + World Cup Russia 2018
2 scatole sigillate
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