Pioneer - PL12D MK2 - Piatto

Pioneer - PL12D MK2 - Piatto
Buone condizioni - Numero di oggetti: 1 - Inclusi: Piatto - Cavo di alimentazione, Ricondizionato

Completely refurbished:
New belt
Motor oiled
New standard MM cartridge.
Spindle cleaned and oiled
RPMs checked and perfect on both speeds.

The PL-12D motor drives the platter not via a system of trouble prone idlers but via the tried and true Pioneer belt transmission, shutting out motor vibrations and rumble while improving the overall signal to noise ratio. The 4-pole synchronous motor features highly accurate and stable speed and revolves with practically no vibrations. Stability is further improved by the fine machining of the zinc-alloy platter.

The lightweight and light tracking tonearm is shaped for almost perfect geometry and minimum tracking error. What's more, it is equipped with an absolute lateral balance weight so that vertical stylus movement will not lead to lateral unbalances.

With it's dark brown, walnut finished base and balanced black-silver colours, the PL-12D looks like the precision instrument it is.

Motor: 4-pole synchronous motor
Drive: belt driven
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Speed accuracy: 1.0% or less
Wow and flutter: 0.1% WRMS
Rumble: 47dB
Platter: 30cm aluminium alloy
Tonearm: s-shaped pipe
Effective length: 221mm
Dimensions: 430 x 160.5 x 349mm

Unfortunately there are some spots on the dustcover.

Carefully shipped in transport mode

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Tipo di apparecchiatura
Buone condizioni
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8 kg
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Tested and working/playable
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