Carlos Barba - Kelideal - Tavoli impilabili - Fabia

Carlos Barba - Kelideal - Tavoli impilabili - Fabia
Francia - 2000-presente - Plastica, Rame

Litholux table, “Fabia” model.
A table that lights up when you turn the light off!
Made from salvaged bottles and luminescent aggregates.

In view of the events of climate change that we have been experiencing for several years, I am offering a reflection on how to act eco-logically: Turn off the lights to illuminate only through photoluminescence.
The earth will regenerate and the elements that stored the light during the day will give off a luminous halo at night. I offer photoluminescent mineral elements for natural, energy-saving lighting.
Our concept is a reflection for the reuse of plastic packaging bound with an eco-resin and photoluminescent glass ceramic aggregates.
Its concept is innovative and opens the door to the economy of manufacturing with recycled materials. The function is twofold: to illuminate and to guide when the light is turned off. The life of the piece of furniture continues with the dreams during the night.
The luminous pattern is reminiscent of a celestial constellation, reminding us that we live in a galaxy!

Dettagli lotto
Tavoli impilabili
Plastica, Rame
Designer / Artista
Carlos Barba
Produttore / Marchio
Modello / nome
Periodo stimato
Paese d’origine
Come nuovo - mai usata
60×35×40 cm
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