B&O - BEO 4 Joystick - Telecomando

B&O - BEO 4 Joystick - Telecomando
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Very good condition Beo4 type with the navigation “joystick”.
The Beo4 is the key to all current television and music systems from Bang & Olufsen. It works with all recent (post-1994) Bang & Olufsen products and also with BeoLink® house systems. It is one of the most powerful remote controls on the market; so powerful, in fact, that the used does not even have to point the device directly at the to be operated device. The star-shaped control can be operated with just your thumb - you do not have to look back and forth from the remote control to the device to see what you’re doing. Extra ‘buttons’ can be programmed in the device to operate other, less necessary features from Bang & Olufsen products. User manual is downloadable in all languages.

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BEO 4 Joystick
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Eccellenti condizioni
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Nessun extra
290 g
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Tested and working/playable
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