Polonia - Metal Detector militare

Polonia - Metal Detector militare
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Used working detect metal anti-tank mines, artillery shells, aerial bombs, etc.
located at greater depths beneath the surface of ground or snow.
It can also be used to detect small metal objects the size of the husk from a pistol cartridge or MUW igniter, non-metallic mines.
The detector can also be used by divers up to a depth of 20 m.

The set includes:

canvas cover;
basic detector, consisting of: detector frame, articulation, main pipe, main sleeve with tuning knob, profiled handle which is also a battery pack, connector, headset TA-4, headphone connector;
3 intermediate bars;
end bar;
tentacle blade;

The power source is a 3R12U tin-carbon battery, not available in retail.
Its exact replacement can be made by yourself from the "flat" 4.5V battery.
Shipping without batteries

I have several items. All in a similar condition. Slightly differ from each other. I ship randomly. Pictures show an example detecyot, all checked and working.

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Metal Detector militare
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