UNICO - Agata poliedrica Collezione Old - 10×6×0.3 cm - 30 g

UNICO - Agata poliedrica Collezione Old - 10×6×0.3 cm - 30 g
Paraiba,, Brasile

This particular agate specimen is very rare. the polygonal agates were first discovered in 1974 and are now virtually impossible to get, as the locality is completely exhausted . we found this specimen in a collection we recently acquired with several agate specimens .

Polygonal agates are limited by flat and angled surfaces, but the respective angles don't follow any crystallographic law . One recent theory is that they are the result of filling between large flat crystals, later dissolved .

A real rarity for choice collectors

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Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
UNICO - Agata poliedrica Collezione Old
10×6×0.3 cm
30 g
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