Roy Lichtenstein, (after) - Cloud and Sea - Silkscreen - Achenbach licensed print - 1989

Roy Lichtenstein, (after) - Cloud and Sea - Silkscreen - Achenbach licensed print - 1989
Poster - Arte - Germania

After screen printing by Roy Liechtenstein (*)
Replica of the work "Cloud and Sea", a work made by Roy Lichtenstein in 1964 and which is part of the collection of the Museum Ludwig Köln.
Published by Achenbach Art Edition, Düsseldorf.
Authorized printing with copyright and legal serial number.
Large format.

- Sheet dimensions: 70.5 x 120 cm
- Year: 1989
- Condition: Excellent (this work has never been framed or exhibited. It has always been preserved in professional art folder, so it’s preserved in perfect condition).
- Origin: Private collection.

The work will be carefully handled and packaged in a reinforced cardboard package. Registered shipping with tracking number.

The shipment will also include a transport insurance for the final value of the artwork, with full refund in case of loss or damage, at no cost to the buyer.

(*) The painter and sculptor who plundered the comic to turn it into museum material.
Roy Lichtenstein was one of the key figures of American pop and as such drew inspiration for his work from both popular art: commercials, magazines, comics ...; as of the history of traditional art: Art Deco, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism (in which he militated at the beginning of his career)...
Lichtenstein's work is characterized by its irony (it is something that pop artists boasted, sometimes disguised as snobbery or superficiality...), the use of benday points (used in graphic arts) and industrial colours, the language of comics (onomatopoeias, vignettes, narrative) and the mastery of the line.
Lichtenstein was initiated into fashionable abstract expressionism, but soon joined the rest of the pop guerrillas to rebel against the abstract and use figuration. In addition, a figuration the more popular and mechanical, the better.
Of course, there was nothing more popular and mechanical than a comic book in 1958, so Lichtenstein decided that he was going to create mass-produced commercial images.
Of course... it reproduces by hand what looks like a machine made product.
These images were faithful portraits of consumer society and mass culture, which may or may not be a critique of the contemporary world, an idealization or a satire of Western capitalist society.
That ambiguity between criticism and admiration, between mockery and respect is typical of pop art, which cynically plays a masquerade.
New Yorker by birth, Lichtenstein lived (in) this city, capital of everything that pop represents, and in it he would die at the age of 73, consecrated as an artist who sold paintings for more than 40 million euros.

Dettagli lotto
(after), Roy Lichtenstein
Titolo del poster
Cloud and Sea - Silkscreen - Achenbach licensed print
Paese d’origine
A (eccellente - in condizioni pari al nuovo)
70.5×120 cm
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