2.5 Grams + 5 grams - Oro .999 - Valcambi Auropelli Goldbarren im Blister - Sigillato e con certificato

2.5 Grams + 5 grams - Oro .999 - Valcambi Auropelli Goldbarren im Blister - Sigillato e con certificato
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Gold bars - 2.5 g + 5 g - Auropelli “Responsible Gold” bars.

These are Auropelli “Responsible Gold” bars.

The Auropelli gold bar series is the result of a cooperation between the two well-known precious metal companies ESG from Germany and Valcambi from Switzerland.

The “Responsible-Gold” bars are exclusively made of Valcambi Green Gold which is sourced in specially certified mines in Nevada (USA).

In contrast to gold which is sourced in mining areas in Africa or South America, these bars guarantee with absolutely certainty that all environmental standards as well as all UN human rights regulations have truly been met very strictly and that child labour is absolutely excluded. In addition, no rainforest had to be cleared for there mining areas. All of these mines are located in desert regions. The manufacturer is LBMA-certified. Unlike traditional fair trade gold bars, there is no additional fair trade premium for Auropelli bars, so that these bars are only slightly more expensive than investment bars with standard gold origin documentation despite the significantly stricter monitoring standards during the sourcing and refining of the gold and the production of the gold bars.

Valcambi Green Gold is also handled strictly separately from gold from other sources during transport and refining.

Weight: 5.00 g + 2.5 g
Fineness: 999.9
Fine weight: 7.50 g
Dimensions: 23.05 x 13.85 x 1
State of conservation: Freshly minted
Packaging: Blister (plastic capsule)
Manufacturer: ESG / Valcambi SA
Country of origin: Switzerland

Dettagli lotto
Peso totale
2.5 Grams + 5 grams
Metallo prezioso
Valcambi Auropelli Goldbarren im Blister
Sigillato e con certificato
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