Gruppo serpentino - Amuleto della protezione - Loto decorato - Risveglio e illuminazione - 52.5×13.6×54 mm - 58.13 g

Gruppo serpentino - Amuleto della protezione - Loto decorato - Risveglio e illuminazione - 52.5×13.6×54 mm - 58.13 g

Protective amulet - Finely-crafted lotus - Awakening and illumination.

Elaborate serpentine with shades of green.

The serpentine stone is a deep soothing stone, ideal for working on the opening of the chakras.
It is most often found in olive hue, but it also exists in shades red, light green, forest green, yellow, black or white.
It is the result of volcanic activity on the seabed and peridotite contained in soils. The word serpentine comes from the most widespread appearance of this ore, rather rough and scaly with an olive green tint that recalls the colour of the reptile.
Serpentine stone has been used since the dawn of time by some peoples of antiquity who used it as much for its decorative virtues as for its medicinal virtues.

Origin: China.
Mineral: serpentine.
Group: silicates.
Subgroup: lamellar silicates.
Colour: black
Clarity: opaque. A very beautiful appearance with relief.
Size: 52.5*13.6*54mm.
Weight: 58.13g. 290.65 Carats.
A lovely work.

The lotus: symbol of Tibetan Buddhism. The lotus represents the possibility for any human being to reach the state of Buddha, regardless of his/her living conditions, just like the lotus flower, growing in a muddy pond. The symbolism of the lotus in Buddhism arises from the fact that the seed and the flower appear together, it is about the simultaneity of the cause (the seed) and the effect (the flower) in the law of causality of the universe, which is one of the major concepts of Buddhist philosophy. In addition, the lotus draws its vital substance from the mud to flourish above the water. The ‘mud’ represents sufferings, troubles, desires, which are the very breeding ground of our development. It is therefore possible to transform one's karma by enlightenment, the attainment of Buddhahood, thanks to our awakening to the law of causation.

The pictures were taken with artificial lighting.
Carefully packed, registered shipment with a tracking number and insurance.

Dettagli lotto
Minerale principale/ Nome meteorite
Gruppo serpentino
Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
- Amuleto della protezione - Loto decorato - Risveglio e illuminazione
52.5×13.6×54 mm
58.13 g
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