Noboringo "Madame Jeanette" - Trolley per aereo SunExpress a grandezza naturale - Pop Art - Alluminio

Noboringo "Madame Jeanette" - Trolley per aereo SunExpress a grandezza naturale - Pop Art - Alluminio
Paesi Bassi - 2000-presente

Beautiful industrial eyecatcher for any interior!

Original full-size airplane trolley with full-colour images newly applied by Noboringo, incl. 2 extendable plateaus, 6 trays and 2 original plastic trays.

Designer: Camiel J. Vos – Noboringo Model: “Madame Jeanette”

The high-quality, full colour images are professionally applied and have a protective laminated layer. The inside of the doors are also covered. The laminated layer acts as protection but also prevents discolouration.

This industrial eyecatcher is very popular and suitable for many purposes, for example as a cupboard, mini bar, serving trolley, kitchen cabinet, for books and records, for both private and business use, for example for promotional purposes / catering / showroom / shop window / store.

We pay a lot of attention not only to the finish of the trolley but also to the packaging when shipped, so your order will always be delivered in perfect condition.

Condition: Aircraft trolleys have flown hundreds of thousands of kilometres, they therefore have a worn, industrial look. Due to the quality of the materials and decent construction methods, this trolley can last for many more decades. Of course there might be some dents, bumps or scratches. Sale concerns only the trolley, without the decorative items.

Can be sent worldwide with UPS.

Dettagli lotto
Trolley per aereo SunExpress a grandezza naturale
Designer / Artista
Noboringo "Madame Jeanette"
"Madame Jeanette"
Pop Art
Periodo stimato
Paese d’origine
Paesi Bassi
In buone condizioni - usato, con piccoli segni dell’età.
103×30×84 cm
23 kg
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