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Ci dispiace, questo lotto è chiuso!

Queen - Roger Taylor - Taylored - Scarf Ring & Peace Silk Scarf - COA signed by Roger Taylor - Memorabilia firmata (originale autografo) - 2022/2022

very rare item not to be missed!

Being both stunning and fashionable, this special ‘one of a kind’ Rock and Roll item consisting of a scarf ring and peace silk scarf, has been lovingly crafted and put together by Taylored of London to celebrate and coincide with Roger Taylor’s birthday.

With only 50 red units made in all the world and with each scarf ring being individually numbered and containing a unique disc cut from one of Roger’s cymbals, this immediately becomes a hugely collectible item for any Queen fan.

Package contains a certificate of authenticity signed personally by Roger Taylor!


Più di 3 artisti/band No
Artista/band (massimo 3) Queen - Roger Taylor
Più titoli No
Titolo del disco Taylored - Scarf Ring & Peace Silk Scarf - COA signed by Roger Taylor
N° di oggetti 1
Fonte multimediale Memorabilia firmata (originale autografo)
Anno di uscita (il più vecchio) 2022
Anno di uscita (il più recente) 2022
Condizioni Mint & Sealed (M&S)
Include Edizione limitata numerata
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