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Banksy (after) - Flying Copper (West Country Prince Edition) - 2020

This is a high quality silk screen print of the Banksy 'Flying Copper' screen print, produced by the West Country Prince.

Flying Copper is one of the very early Banksy images, first appearing at the 'Turf War' exhibition in 2003. Now you can have this superb Banksy replica up on your wall in the splendid sky blue variant. The clash of the fully tooled up London Copper and the smiley face make a powerful statement about police brutality around the world; or possibly just the friendly face of the law

This screen print is produced by the elusive West Country Prince using the exact methods as Banksy’s early works; silk screen printed by hand onto the correct original paper, to the correct specification. This is not a cheap digital re-print. It is the correct dimensions and colour as the Banksy Flying Copper screen print – the print size is 1000 x 700 MM. It is numbered and stamped on the reverse with the WEST COUNTRY PRINCE logo to prevent fraud.

Oggetto Poster design
Designer Banksy (after)
Titolo del poster Flying Copper (West Country Prince Edition)
Anno 2020
Soggetto Street art
Paese d’origine Regno Unito
Condizioni A (eccellente - in condizioni pari al nuovo)
Dimensioni 100×70 cm
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