Fascinating Coleoptera Collection - 25 x 17,5 x 6cm (2)

Fascinating Coleoptera Collection - 25 x 17,5 x 6cm (2)
Belgium 1960's - collection of A.Merckx

Collection beetles from Belgium based researcher A. Merckx.

This collection consists out of 2 boxes in which beetles are presented. All beetles are harvested in the period of 1960-1962 in Belgium, in the villages of Leuven, Kumtich and Winterslag. The beetles are divided and presented in 14 different classes going from carabidae, scarabaebidae, coccinellidae, dermestidae,... All the animals are provided with a number, latin name, month and year of harvesting and village of harvesting.

The boxes which present the beetles are made of wood and glass. The boxes themself have a nice orange snakeskin-like appearance what gives them a very beautifull vintage look. They are in great condition given their age. Measurement of the 2 boxes: 25cm x 17,5cm x 6,5cm.

Overall this is a extraordinary item which only got more beautifull thru time!

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