Antique Japanese Wakizashi Sword "Kunimasa國正" Samurai Katana Nihonto - tamahagane - Japan - Early Edo period

Antique Japanese Wakizashi Sword "Kunimasa國正" Samurai Katana Nihonto - tamahagane - Japan - Early Edo period
Very good condition, see description - 1×1×1 in

Antique Japanese Wakizashi sword "Kunimasa 國正" in gorgeous Koshirae mountings

•The blade is finely smithed and has wonderful forging grains.
•Hamon temper lines are beautiful.
•Koshirae mountings are fine art.
Features:•Mei signature in Nakago tang: 國正 (Kunimasa)
•Jidai date: around Kanei era (寛永, 1624-1645)
•Sugata structure: Shinogi-zukuri
•Mune: Iori-mune
•Boshi head: Midare-komi
•Kitae hada: Itame
•Hamon temper lines: Doranba
•Nakago tang: Kiri
•Yasuri-me: Suji-kai with Kesho finishing
•Mekugi hole: Two
•Habaki collar: Single piece silver foiled copper
•Kozuka side knife: Signed 山田主水正正清 (Yamada Mondo no sho MASAKIYO). Kanji letters in grip are: 南無妙法蓮華経 (Namu Myoho Renge Kyo), which is the central mantra chanted within all forms of Nichiren Buddhism.

•Cutting edge length (per registration): 50.2 cm
•Nakago tang length: 14 cm
•Whole blade length: 64.2 cm (25 1/4")
•Moto-haba: 28.5 mm
•Saki-haba: 20 mm
•Moto-gasane: 6 mm
•Saki-gasane: 4.5 mm
•Sori curve: 8 mm
•Kissaki point: 34.5 mm
•Fitting: 71.8 cm (28 1/4")
•Tsuka handle: 17.1 cm (6 3/4")

To the best of our knowledge we have tried to verify the signature, the signature of the sword is not guaranteed as there are no NBTHK or NTHK origami (certification paper) to go with the sword.

To be reasonably certain as to the maker of a specific sword, it is necessary to submit the sword for shinsa (judging) by one of the major Japanese sword study associations (NBTHK or NTHK). These organizations will judge the sword and issue appropriate papers (origami) attesting to the swords authenticity and/or historical importance.

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Lot details
Antique Japanese Wakizashi Sword "Kunimasa國正" Samurai Katana Nihonto
hand forged
Early Edo period
Region/ Country of origin
Very good condition, see description
1×1×1 in
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