Military Plant No. 217 (Sverdlovsk, USSR) Teodolit-Takheometr "TT2" (1946) USSR.

Military Plant No. 217 (Sverdlovsk, USSR) Teodolit-Takheometr "TT2" (1946) USSR.
land survey equipment - Good (used & in working condition with visible signs of use)

I am not an expert surveyor, my direction is photography, so a priori I can’t guarantee full performance due to the lack of qualifications and testing of equipment in the field, close to the parameters and characteristics of use. I describe what I see and feel, and you draw your own conclusions.

Functionality: gives the impression of a fully functional tool - viewfinder lenses are relatively clean, visibility is excellent, but when illuminated with a powerful flashlight, a cobweb and a slight dustiness are visible, the viewfinder's visibility is good - without distortion, the focusing work is smooth and pleasant. Focus is bright, distinct and sharp. Horizontal and vertical movements relative to the coordinate axes work smoothly and pleasantly. There is no protective cap or carrying case.

The TT2 theodolite tacheometer is a goniometer designed to measure horizontal and vertical angles with a 30 ″ reading accuracy, as well as to determine distances by a range finder using a staff with centimeter divisions. By its design, the theodolite-total station refers to the type of repeating theodolites. Theodolite is also adapted for nighttime use. For observation due to shelters, a periscope is attached to the TT2, which is worn on the objective part of the telescope. To observe objects having an elevation angle of 45 to 90 degrees, an anti-aircraft prism is attached to the TT2, which is also worn as a periscope. The telescope is only zoomed through the zenith. The theodolite's disadvantage is a small increase in the pipe, it has only one cylindrical level with an alidade of the horizontal circle and does not have correcting screws for the grid of threads (installed at the factory) and at the level of the vertical circle.
Based on the theodolite TT2, the TS-2 theodolite section was produced, consisting of three goniometers (theodolites), designed to detect air rappers and adjust artillery fire when shooting at high breaks. The section is adapted for night work. The kit of the TS-2 section includes: goniometers (theodolites) No. 1 and No. 2, for measuring horizontal angles; goniometer No. 3, for measuring vertical angles; periscopes; anti-aircraft prisms; ocular nozzles; boxes for goniometers and cases for periscopes.

   It was produced in a limited edition of green in a wooden box from 1937 to 1949.

- The accuracy of the report on horizontal and vertical circles - 30 ″;
- increase in the pipe - 11.7x;
- field of view of the pipe - 3 ° 10 ′;
- resolving power without periscope - 5.5 ″ (12 ″ - with periscope.);
- with an anti-aircraft prism - 10 ″;
- lens diameter - 34 mm;
- diameter of the output icon - 2.9 mm;
- removal of the output icon - 14.5 mm;
- equivalent focal length of the lens - 180 mm;
- focal length of the eyepiece - 15.3 mm;
- focusing limit of the telescope - from 2 m to infinity;
- increase in loops of a horizontal and vertical circle - 10x;
- the price of the smallest division of both goniometric circles - 20 ';
- the price of division at alidade of a vertical circle - 25-40 ″;
- horizontal - 40-60 ″;
- working diameter of the vertical circle - 85 mm;
- working diameter of the limb - 130 mm;
- range finder coefficient - 100;
- periscope height - 400 mm; (weight 0.5 kg)

Lot details
Military Plant No. 217 (Sverdlovsk, USSR)
Model/ type nr
Teodolit-Takheometr "TT2" (1946) USSR.
Object/device type
land survey equipment
Good (used & in working condition with visible signs of use)
No. of main devices
In working order
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