Dr. Gustavo Geley - La Ectoplasmia y la Clarividencia - 1923

Dr. Gustavo Geley - La Ectoplasmia y la Clarividencia - 1923
Parapsychology, Occult Sciences, Spiritism - Quantity: 1 - tipped in plates - Book

Curious work of occult sciences and spiritualism: ‘La ectoplasmia y la clarividencia’, by Doctor Gustave Geley, Director of the International Metapsychic Institute. Observaciones y experiencias personales. Work translated by M. H. Barroso.

The work is divided into 2 parts:

First part - La clarividencia - The subjects widely developed in this work are as follows: Introducción al Estudio práctico de la Mediumnidad, la Clarividencia, Experiencias con el Ingeniero Ossowiecki, un caso notable de auto-premonición de muerte, las experiencias del Dr. Osty sobre la lucidez con objetivo humano, la lucidez con objetivo general.

Second part - La ectoplasmia - Experiencias con Eva C., Mis experiencias de materializaciones con el Sr. Franek Kluski (organización de las sesiones, substancia primordial y fenómenos luminosos, materializaciones de miembros humanos, vaciados de miembros materializados, materializaciones defectuosas, examen pericial de vaciados, materialización de rostros, movimientos de objetos sin contacto y raps, materialización de formas animales, materializaciones de orden intelectual, las experiencias de la Sociedad Polaca en Estudios psíquicos); experiencias con el Sr. Juan Guzik (el manifiesto de los treinta y cuatro, fenómenos luminosos, materializaciones visibles, voz directa, telekinesia y sensaciones de tocamientos y contactos); los fenómenos luminosos del medium Erto, las luces metapsíquicas, analogía entre experiencias del Instituto General Psicológico y las del Instituto Metapsíquico Internacional, las experiencias de demostración del Dr. Schrenck-Notzing, el fracaso de las experiencias de la Sorbona (1922), Pseudo-materializaciones y pseudo-mediums y conclusión.

In conclusion, according to the author, ‘there is no religion here, no philosophy, no atheism, no materialism, no spiritualism, it is a matter of fact!’.

Gustave Geley (1868–1924) was a French physician, known for his interest in metapsychics. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Lyon and practiced medicine in Annecy. He abandoned the practice of medicine in 1918 and devoted himself to parapsychology, in particular to the production of ectoplasms produced by mediums. He was co-founder of the International Metapsychic Institute, of which he was director from 1919 until his death in 1924.

During the winter of 1918-1919, he conducted numerous experiments with the French medium Marthe Beraud, known as Eva Carrière, who was subsequently convicted of fraud on several occasions.

Jean Guzik was a Polish tanner, who produced paranormal manifestations at a young age which disturbed those around him. He was first studied by members of the Polish Society for Psychic Studies, then he came to France in 1922 and 1923 where he was studied by Doctor Gustave Geley. The manifestations produced during the numerous experiments carried out at the International Metapsychic Institute allowed, at the end, the writing of a manifesto signed by thirty-four personalities concluding to the authenticity of the phenomenon: ‘We affirm our conviction that the phenomena obtained with Jean Guzik cannot be explained either by individual or collective illusions or hallucinations, or by any deception’.

However, this assertion was later denied by a commission from the Sorbonne. The manifestations observed were of very varied natures: luminous phenomena, appearances of various forms, contacts, noises, smells, words, etc.

Franek Kluski, a Polish banker who started late his career as a medium, put himself at Doctor Gustave Geley’s disposal in 1920 and 1921. To keep track of the very realistic ectoplasms produced by this medium, Doctor Geley had the idea of using an original method: he filled a tub of very hot water on which floated a thick layer of paraffin, first coloured in blue, then chemically marked with cholesterol, an undetectable substance but coloured red on contact with sulfuric acid. During the sessions, which took place in a weak red light, with the usual precautions, the medium was asked to immerse the ectoplasmic members that he had created in this tub. Doctor Geley thus obtained, between 8th November 8 and 31st December 1920, the moulds, in the form of a fragile ‘glove’ of empty paraffin, seven hands, a foot and a lower face which, once filled with plaster, gave mouldings of total realism which are kept at the International Metapsychic Institute. A first surprising observation was that they were adults’ hands, but with dimensions of the children’s hands. After several expert opinions, the following was found:

- The moulds have been made with the paraffin contained in the tub, which excludes any possibility of prior preparation of the moulds.
- The shape of some hands, with folded fingers or the fingers of two hands intertwined, prohibits the use of a rigid mould in one piece, the hands can not be extracted without breaking the mould.
- Several methods have been put forward to explain the technique of a possible fraud, but none has been really convincing and all of them involved the rather unlikely complicity of Doctor Geley.

During an informal session at IMI in the winter of 1921, he accidentally discovered the unsuspected gifts of clairvoyance of art critic Pascal Forthuny.

1st edition.
Profusely illustrated with 51 plates and 105 figures.

Curious book.

Lot details
Number of Books
Parapsychology, Occult Sciences, Spiritism
Author/ Illustrator
Dr. Gustavo Geley
Book Title
La Ectoplasmia y la Clarividencia
Publication year oldest item
1st Edition
Original language
M. Aguilar, Editot (Madrid)
Binding/ Material
tipped in plates
Number of pages
20×15 cm
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