Katana, Antique japanese sword "Omi-no-kami Tsuguhira" with certificate paper (Shibata Mitsuo) - Steel, Tamahagane - Samurai - Japan - Edo period (1600-1868) - Kyōhō period (1716) XVII - XIX century

Katana, Antique japanese sword "Omi-no-kami Tsuguhira" with certificate paper (Shibata Mitsuo) - Steel, Tamahagane - Samurai - Japan - Edo period (1600-1868) - Kyōhō period (1716) XVII - XIX century
Very good condition, see description - 69×18.8×18.8 cm

**** Masterpiece **** Piece reserved for the prestigious sale of Japanese antiques ****

Incredible antique Katana from the Edo period (around the Kyōhō period, 1716).
The blade is attributed to Tsuguhira, a famous blacksmith known for his very high quality blades. He belonged to the Echizen Shimosaka group and formerly lived in Musashi-no-kuni, present-day Tokyo prefecture.
The Tsuguhira line came from Echizen Yasutsugu and their work shows the style of the Musashi region during the Edo period.
Oumi no kami Fujiwara Tsuguhira continued until the 4th generation. This piece is the 3rd generation Tsuguhira.

The general condition is excellent, the blade is in old polish, there are very few scratches (please observe the pictures).
Please enjoy the absolutely sublime linear Sugu-ba Hamon of this blade. This gives an even deeper aspect to inner beauty of the sword.
The Koshirae ensemble is magnificent too. The Saya sheath is remarkably admirable for its bright red colour, lacquered and accompanied with light pieces of antique mother-of-pearl. The general condition of the Saya is very good, however at the level of the Koiguchi and the Koijiri, there are some scratches. The Saya is accompanied by a khaki green Sageo of very high quality and in excellent condition. The Tsuka handle is once again in excellent condition. It is maintained with a Tsukamaki in beige silk in very good condition, on which two very interesting Menuki rest (gold-copper alloy). One represents Ebisu, the God of good fortune accompanied by his Japanese carp, and the other represents Daikoku the God of wealth. All this on a Same-Hada ray skin base in excellent condition. The Fuchi and Kashira are in very good condition, they symbolise the Pine and the Tsuba guard represents patterns in the form of clouds. This is a very high quality piece.

This sword is accompanied by an original certificate of the judgment of the world authority of the evaluation of the Japanese sword, Shibata Mitsuo, thus guaranteeing its authenticity, its origin and its attribution to the blacksmith Tsuguhira.
Born in August 1923, in Tochigi prefecture. Shibata Mitsuo got a job at the Fujishiro Sword Shop in 1939, then studied the Japanese sword under Fujishiro Yoshio. A leading dealer who has dealt in many Kokuho (national treasures), Juyo Bunka Zai (Important cultural goods), Juyo Bijutsu Hin (Important works of art) and other high quality swords.
He has written books on the Japanese sword for beginners to promote understanding of the sword among the general public.
He also held various positions including that of member of the board of directors of the NBTHK, judge of the Toroku Shinsa, expert with the agency of cultural affairs and national tax administration, "Tokyo Branch", and the first president of the sword merchant union in Japan.
Shibata Mitsuo is considered one of the best experts on Shinto and Shinshinto today. His publications include "Nihonto Nyumon" ("Introduction to Japanese Swords"), "Shumi no Nihonto" ("Japanese Swords for Amateurs"), "Tsuba Nyumon" ("Introduction to Japanese Sword Guards"), "Toso Nyumon" ( "Introduction to Japanese sword mounts"), and "Nihon no Meito" ("masterpieces").

Dimensions / weight:

Hacho (blade length) : 69.0 cm

Sori (curve) : 1.4 cm

Motomihaba : 3.01 cm

Motokasane : 6.9 mm

Sakimihaba : 2.55 cm

Sakikasane: 5.9 mm

Nakago (handle length) : 18.8 cm

Weight of the blade alone (approx.) : 747 g

Total weight of the blade with the Shirasaya (approx.) : 1337 g

Total length with the Shirasaya : 99.01 cm


Careful shipping, insurance included.

**** Piece reserved for the prestigious sale of Japanese antiques ****

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Lot details
Antique japanese sword "Omi-no-kami Tsuguhira" with certificate paper (Shibata Mitsuo), Katana
Steel, Tamahagane
Edo period (1600-1868) - Kyōhō period (1716) XVII - XIX century
Region/ Country of origin
Artist/ Maker
Omi-no-kami Tsuguhira
Attributed to
Theme/ depiction
Very good condition, see description
69×18.8×18.8 cm
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