Dinosaur tooth - Ankylosaurus magniventris - 13mm

Dinosaur tooth - Ankylosaurus magniventris - 13mm
Maastrichtian - Cretaceous (72 - 66 mil y) - Montana, USA

Ankylosaurus is a genus of herbivorous dinosaurs that lived during the Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) in the area of what is now North America.
Only a handful of fossils of this species have been found. All of the fossils are incomplete, so only part of the skeleton is known. By looking at other Ankylosauridae, the group to which Ankylosaurus belongs, we can get a better idea of what the animal looked like.
Ankylosaurus was over 6 meters in length. It had a very flat and round torso with extremely wide hips and short legs. It had a short neck with a short wide head and remarkable bent jaws with small teeth, ending in a large, crooked beak. Ankylosaurus used its beak and teeth to tear off pieces of plant, which it swallowed virtually whole and digested in its large stomach.
The top of the head, torso and tail of the Ankylosaurus were covered with smaller and larger flat bone plates, which protected the animal against the bites from the number one predator around, the gigantic Tyrannosaurus rex. Ankylosaurus was able to defend itself using its heavy bludgeon-like bone at the tip of its tail, striking lethal blows.

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