Jan Engelman, Henk Kuitenbrouwer e.a. Paul Schuitema, Gerrit Rietveld, Sybold van Ravensteyn e.a. - De Gemeenschap - 1927/1939

Jan Engelman, Henk Kuitenbrouwer e.a. Paul Schuitema, Gerrit Rietveld, Sybold van Ravensteyn e.a. - De Gemeenschap - 1927/1939
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De Gemeenschap - 18 issues - 1927/1939
With fine contributions and beautiful covers by Paul Schuitema, Oosterbaan, Sybold van Ravesteyn, Gerrit Rietveld and Strooband, among others.

This lot contains the following issues of the monthly magazine:
1. December 1927 - Cover by Sybold van Ravesteyn
2. February 1928 - a.o. Van Rees and Otto de Kat
3. January 1930 - a.o. Jan Engelman
4. April 1930 - Cover by W. Heijnen
5. May 1930 - Cover by Paul Schuitema
6. January 1931 - Cover by Andries Oosterbaan
7. July 1931 - Cover by Otto Freundlich
8. September 1931 - Cover by Andries Oosterbaan
9. January 1932 - Cover by Kees Strooband
10. April 1932 - Cover by Joh. van Marissing
11. May / June 1932 - Cover by Albert Kuyle
12. July 1932 - Cover by Ch. le Lorrain
13. July 1933 - Cover by Charles Nypels
14. Ovtober 1933 - Cover by Andries Oosterbaan
15. November 1933 - Cover by J. Marissing
16. May 1935 - a.o. Kees van Dongen
17. October 1935 - a.o. Josef Cantré
18. October 1939 - Gerrit Rietveld

Paper covers - Size: 25 × 18.5 cm, approx. 1000 pp.
Covers show minor wear and damage. The cover of the issue with Gerrit Rietveld cover is loose. Given the age and vulnerability, the issue are otherwise in fair condition.

In 1924, in addition to Roeping (literary magazine), the periodical ‘De Gemeenschap, maandschrift voor Katholieke Reconstructie’ was established. From January 1925 to September 1941, it was the leading cultural magazine for the Catholic youth. In the period 1925-1934, Jan Engelman, Henk Kuitenbrouwer and Willem Maas were the editors. Albert Kuyle, pseudonym of Louis Kuitenbrouwer, was also associated with the magazine from the beginning, first as the editorial secretary, later as an editor. Kuyle's contributions in those years also determined the magazine's character. In his section Hagel, many heads of the Catholic establishment of those days rolled.
In 1929, Anton van Duinkerken, who would become increasingly influential, joined the editorial staff. In that period, a sharp controversy arose between Kuyle on the one hand and Engelman on the other. Kuyle passionately opposed Engelman's - in his opinion - ‘aesthetic’ view of art and questioned his social commitment and even his Catholic faith. Engelman left the editorial staff at the end of 1930.
Kuyle, who increasingly took a militant, right-wing line, left the editorial board three years later. In January 1934, he and others founded the periodical De Nieuwe Gemeenschap, which was increasingly anti-Semitic. It was discontinued at the end of 1936. After the Second World War, Kuyle was condemned by the Ereraad voor de Letterkunde for his pro-German and fairly anti-Semitic publications, and he was forbidden to publish. After Kuyle's departure, Jan Engelman returned in 1934. He and Anton van Duinkerken then became the cornerstones of the magazine. In the following years, De Gemeenschap increasingly adopted an anti-fascist course. In ‘Christen en getuige’, for example, Van Duinkerken protested against Karl Barth's deposition as professor in Bonn on 23 November 1934. From the Spanish Republican front, Jef Last published in De Gemeenschap about the Catholic revolutionary José Bergamin, a Spanish Catholic philosopher who had been influenced by Jacques Maritain and who had sided with the leftist Republic. Harrie Kapteijns wrote: “The anti-fascist character of De Gemeenschap becomes more obvious with every issue”. In October 1941, the monthly magazine was ended under the prohibition of the German occupying forces.

Jozef Cantré designed 24 covers for the magazine, and Charles Eyck did 21 covers, Henk Wiegersma 10 covers, Leo Gestel 7 covers, other cover designers included Willem Maas, Thomas Nix, Gerrit Rietveld, Sybold van Ravesteyn, Constant Nieuwenhuijs, Paul Schuitema, Henri Jonas, Andries Oosterbaan, Piet Worm, Kees Strooband, P.A. Eggermond, A. van Dijck, H.G. Condoy, Lambert Simon, Ad Selhorst, Charles Roelofsz and Otto Freundlich. Works by Mari Andriessen, Kees van Dongen, Joris Ivens, Edvard Munch, Joep Nicolas, John Raedecker, Otto van Rees, Ries Mulder, Charley Toorop, Jan Toorop, Edgar Tijtgat, Hendrik Wiegersma and Ossip Zadkine were also published or reproduced.

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Jan Engelman, Henk Kuitenbrouwer e.a. Paul Schuitema, Gerrit Rietveld, Sybold van Ravensteyn e.a.
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De Gemeenschap
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1st Edition
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25×18.5 cm
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