Franklin Mint CLUEDO - The Collector`s Edition

Franklin Mint CLUEDO - The Collector`s Edition
1997 - Walnut, Gold plated - Good condition Extreme rare

Franklin Mint CLUEDO - The Collector`s Edition - ENGLISH VERSION - Eye catcher
Although almost never played the board has some little storage wear scratches (see pictures). But no dents. So could be easily brought back in mint condition.
One weapon the Lead pipe lost his gold plated finish so look like a lead pipe (see picture). But Overall the game is in very good condition.

This is a Extreme Rare Limited Edition from 1997

All nine spectacular 3D rooms are sealed in a walnut finished hardwood frame and set beneath a cover of glass. The playing pieces, dice and weapons are stored in a secret drwaer. The game measures 57,5cm square an 8cm height.

Spectacular custom-designed rooms hold authentic sculptured period furniture, exacting wall and floor treatments, classic accent pieces and exquisite artefacts and art works.

Sculptured weapons are lavishly accented with 24 karat gold, while playing pieces accented with 24 karat gold are banded with enamel to identify the suspects. The first and only golden Official CLUEDO Meda is set into the game board.

About the Artist 'Drew Struzan'
The portraits of the "suspicious" guest at Hollinghurst Manor, the depictions of the weapons and the cards are original works of art by Drew Struzan, the widely collected artist who has been called "a modern-day Rembrandt" His works have included the movie posters for such as classics as Hook, Back to the Future, Star Wars, E.T., Beauty and the Beast and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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