AGOUDAL "Imilchil" Ijzeren meteoriet - 50 g

AGOUDAL "Imilchil" Ijzeren meteoriet - 50 g
Imilchil, Marokko

Fantastic lot of Agoudal iron meteorite which was found in December 2012 in Morocco, in the vicinity of Imilchil.

Imilchil is a small town in Morocco, famous for an annual festival where the local tribes people get marry. The story resembles that of Romeo and Juliet: two people from different tribes fell in love but were not allowed to get marry. They cried with sadness to death. As a result, two lakes formed by their tears in the mountains. These are the Lakes Isli and Tislit.

The interesting thing about these lakes is that scientists think that they were formed by the impact of a meteorite that broke in two, and the lakes appeared after the impact formed the craters.

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Adrian Contreras. IMCA #7412.

Belangrijkste mineraal / Naam meteoriet
AGOUDAL "Imilchil"
Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
IJzer meteoriet
50 g
Oorsprong (Regio/Stad)
Oorsprong (Land)
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