David Bowie Acetate - "Hunky Dory"

David Bowie Acetate - "Hunky Dory"
"Hunky Dory" Acetate including Authenticity Report. Only one in Existence and on market Today

I have for sale my treasured Hunky Dory Acetate. It is the precursor to the extremely rare and famous white label "Bowpromo", it has exactly the same 7 tracks, oh you pretty things, Eight line poem, Kooks, It aint easy, Queen Bitch, Quicksand and Bombers. Produced in 1971, on the Apple label, and hand written by David Bowie. (Hunky Dory was later produced on the RCA label) The tracks were recorded in the studio and then used to produce the Bowpromo.
Only 300 Bowpromos were ever produced and confirmed by Dana Gillespie who had 7 tracks on the other side.

Mick Ronson claimed the acetate and took it home for his mum Minnie. Minnie gave it to my friend who lived next door and i bought it from him in 1973.

There are light scratches on both sides, i played it a couple of times in 1973 but was advised they wear quickly and have never played it since. It has been stored in a paper sleeve.

With this one of a kind Acetate comes a report of expert Margret Webb confirming the handwriting of David Bowie on this acetate, the report was made in April 2016.

Sadly the death of David Bowie has prompted the sale now of this Extreme Valuable Item and one of the Most unique items on market today regarding David Bowie.

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