Jonathan Prince (1952) - Halcyon Project

Jonathan Prince (1952) - Halcyon Project
Elzenhout en metaal - Handgesigneerd - 2018

One of a kind work of art created by the artist at his studio in the Berkshires, USA. Work reflects his passion for guitars. All certificates and documents available and work is signed by artist.

"I have been a guitar player and collector for all of my adult life and especially attracted to the old Fender Stratocaster guitars from the late 50’s and early 60’s
which in my thinking are the zeitgeist of early rock and roll.
My work "Halcyon Project" is for me an exploration of the artistic explosion that these instruments created.
My method was to trace the outer fluid forms of Stratocaster guitar bodies and create new shapes from these existing curves. After forming these pieces,
the shapes were transferred to 1.75 inch | 4.4 cm thick Alder Wood slabs (the same wood and thickness used in the original guitars). The individual sculptures
were created in the wood and formed with the same radiuses used in the Fender manufacturing process. For colors - I selected the colors that were being used
at the time of manufacture which were the colors of automobiles from the same era - Seafoam Green, Dakota Red, Daphne Blue, Shell Pink and Ivory. "

Each of the pieces are attached by pins to the table/ base that they sit on and are able to be rotated by the viewer to create an interaction of the positive and negative spaces
of the elements.

The work was made by tracing the various curved sections of Fender Stratocaster guitars and the colours are what was used by the factory in the late “50’s - early 60’s.
Perfect condition
Special crate for artwork created by artist and will not be charged to the buyer.
We put 5000 eu as price for shipping but this is not the true cost. The artist and buyer will find the best way to send the work and agree on a cost. artist will only charge cost of shipping and nothing extra.

Jonathan Prince (1952)
Titel van kunstwerk
Halcyon Project
Elzenhout en metaal
In uitstekende staat
Totale afmetingen
124,5×38,1×188 cm
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