Anacleto Spazzapan - Fauteuil

Anacleto Spazzapan - Fauteuil
Italië - 2000-present - IJzer (gegoten/gesmeed)

The FIORE armchair, by Anacleto Spazzapan, is an entirely handmade designer piece of furniture, made with 5 mm thick metal wire with a shape inspired by nature.
It suits every setting. The epoxy powder coating protects the iron from rust; the metal is treated with a black zinc primer paint.
It is a minimalist-style object with an iron rod essential structure.

Colour: Red

ANACLETO SPAZZAPAN: was born in Luino in 1943. In recent years the designer / artist has turned his life as a craftsman, designer and trader upside down thanks to the discovery in Java, Indonesia, of an archaeological site that he reported to the local authorities himself. To help two unemployed welders in the area, the designer began to deal with furnishing objects facing a personal challenge; building prototypes of daily use objects with rather difficult material, iron rod.
In this attempt, he created real works of art, which at first glance may seem light and delicate, but are instead absolutely resistant, extremely functional and definitely keep up with the times.
Behind each and everyone of his projects lies a concrete and mathematical approach. In fact, his projects use the same logic used in mathematics, keeping in mind the concept of logical and mathematical progression; the fulcrum always remains the very function of an object, embellished and lightened by a more frivolous aspect. This creative process is linked to the concrete and pragmatic dimension of design, to what a product is rather then what it represents.

IJzer (gegoten/gesmeed)
Ontwerper / Kunstenaar
Anacleto Spazzapan
Geschatte periode
Land van herkomst
In goede staat - gebruikt met geringe sporen van ouderdom.
78×60×85 cm
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