Verzameling van dzi's: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 ogen (6) - Tibetaanse Agaat - Harmonie, Fortuin, Welvaart, Wijsheid, Bescherming en Geluk

Verzameling van dzi's: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 ogen (6) - Tibetaanse Agaat - Harmonie, Fortuin, Welvaart, Wijsheid, Bescherming en Geluk
Tibet - Eind 20e eeuw

Collection of dzis: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 eyes.
Harmony, fortune, prosperity, wisdom, protection and luck.
It can be worn as a pendant or as a protective talisman.
Origin: Tibet, Himalayas. Buddhism.
It has strong spiritual properties. Each bead has its own power in relation to the pattern represented.
Condition: good, some wear marks.
Period: Late 20th century.
Dimensions: 7 x 10 x 30 mm.
Total weight: 27.55 g.

Dzi with 2 eyes: Harmony in the family and good relationships with others. It means love, happy marriage, strengthening of marriage, energy harmony, elimination of evil. In Buddhism, this means unlocking the path to enlightenment. For those who have already found a soul mate, this helps to maintain relationships. For those who are still single, it helps to find love.

Dzi with 3 eyes: synonym for success, wealth, long healthy life filled with good opportunities. It has several names: the three lucky eyes or the three lucky stars. They are: Shousin, Fusin & Lusin. These three Chinese gods embody happiness in all spheres of life: health, family, love, luck, career, wealth, creative success. In Buddhism, the bead symbolises the god of wealth Yellow Dzambala (Kubera), symbol of all types of prosperity in all worlds. It is one of the most powerful beads to attract financial wealth. Another meaning is the harmony of body, mind, and heart.

5-eyed Dzi: symbolising the following elements together: earth, air, fire, wind and void. A 5-eyed Dzi bead is one of the best supports for career development as it symbolises the help of the five gods of prosperity. However, it must be remembered that material prosperity must follow spiritual growth.

7-eyed Dzi: it promotes popularity and fame, career and creative success. It symbolises seven planets of the solar system as well as the constellation Ursa Major, honoured in the East. As this constellation is considered to be the home of the Seven Medicine Buddhas, this bead can also help us achieve good health. The seven-eyed Dzi bead grants wisdom and emotional balance, it may guarantee a long life and a happy marriage.

8-eye Dzi: Peace and blessings of the 8 Bodhisattvas. Protects from evil and calamities.

9-eyed Dzi: This bead is the 'King of all Dzi', the most revered and desired among all Dzi beads. In Buddhism, number nine is a symbol of completeness and fullness. This Dzi is believed to bring all forms of luck and benefit, some of them being increased authority, increased income, higher status on the corporate ladder, fantastic financial gains, holy blessings and everlasting health. In addition to this, the 9-eyed Tibetan Dzi beads will remove obstacles and increase social ascension.

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Aantal items
Verzameling van dzi's: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 ogen
Tibetaanse Agaat - Harmonie, Fortuin, Welvaart, Wijsheid, Bescherming en Geluk
Geschatte periode
Eind 20e eeuw
Land van herkomst
Goede staat - gebruikt met kleine tekenen van ouderdom en vlekjes
7×10×30 mm
27,55 g
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