Man Ray (1890-1976) - Costume de Bal

Man Ray (1890-1976) - Costume de Bal
Ets - Handgesigneerd - Cleto Polcina 150 ex.

Original engraving by master Man Ray, dated 1975.
Cleto Polcina Edizioni.

“Costume de Bal”.

Work dimensions: cm 35 x 50, edition of 150 copies numbered and signed personally by the master.

Rare original 3-plate engraving, art portfolio and poem.
The serial number may be different from the one shown in the photos.

The work has been preserved in very good condition inside its art portfolio.

The art portfolio with Ezra Pound’s poem will be shipped to the collector and winning bidder of both works “Costume de bal” and “Le Mannequin”, because there is only one portfolio available for the two engravings.

The work comes with certificate of authenticity and origin in accordance with the law.

In 1924 Surrealism was officially founded, and Man Ray was the first surrealist photographer.

Emmanuel Rudnitsky was born in 1890 in Philadelphia, United States. He practiced various trades while taking drawing courses at the Ferrer Centre in New York (1910-1911). It was in 1911 that he took the pseudonym Man Ray. For a time he went to live in a community of artists (New Jersey, 1913).

His first solo exhibition was in 1915. Over this year he became friends with Marcel Duchamp. They would sometimes make works together. Duchamp introduced him to the Dadaists upon his arrival in Paris in 1921. Man Ray quickly became famous, both as a society portrait painter, and as a fashion and advertising photographer. However, he continued to carry on his work as an artist.

In 1924 he approached surrealists and participated in the various exhibitions of the group. He published (in 1937 with André Breton) the manifesto “La photographie n’est pas l’art” (“photography is not art”). He left France (1940) for eleven long years at the beginning of the war. Man Ray returned to Paris in 1951, where he died in 1976.

Since 1915 he had been using photography to reproduce his painting or as a starting point. He made many abstract collages, he created strange assemblages, and in the 1920s he made “Dada” items. Man Ray invented (1921) a photography process that managed to take the imprints of an item without device, he discovered solarisation that allowed to highlight contours through black lines.

Photographer, surrealist painter, he came to abstractionism in the late 1950s, without ever abandoning the construction of his odd assemblages.

Man Ray (1890-1976)
Titel van het kunstwerk
Costume de Bal
Cleto Polcina 150 ex.
In goede staat
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