Arch. Taddei e altri - Guzzini e altri - Voorafje (7)

Arch. Taddei e altri - Guzzini e altri - Voorafje (7)
Italië - 1920 - 1959 - Roestvrij staal, kristal, zilver

Lot made up of three hors-d'oeuvre plates.
The first bears the signature of the architect Taddei, and is made up of a tray in 18/10 steel, as shown in the photo, and measures 35 cm in diameter with four compartments inside plus a central one. Each single piece is made of crystal. Each of the four pieces measures 13 cm in length x 9 cm height and they are trapeze-shaped. The central one measures 5 cm x 5 cm and they are all in double and heavyweight crystal, still with the stamps that show it is 24% lead crystal. You can clearly see that it has never been used. It is in very good condition.
Each compartment weighs 500 g.
It was a gift to my parents in the '50s and has never changed in its beauty, and given the huge number of items we have, it has remained well-kept in the cabinet.
The second is a hors-d'oeuvre dish in glass decorated all over, from the '20s, with two handles, measuring 38 cm in length including the two handles and 23 cm in width, with compartments measuring 20 cm x 8 cm and a central one measuring 8 cm x 10 cm. Always used with the utmost care and attention.
The third is a 1950s hors-d'oeuvre dish signed Guzzini, very elegant and unique with some signs of age and wear on the plate and some scratches. Other than this, the glass parts are undamaged.
It is made up of a round silver tray measuring 30 cm in diameter, characterised by two small root wood handles with ends in silver, which measure 4 cm in length. On the inside there are four trapeze-shaped individual compartments that measure 14 cm x 7 cm and in the centre there is a round one that measures 9 cm in diameter. Made with great attention to detail. It is also signed Guzzini.
All three are in very good condition, with multiple uses, as hors-d'oeuvre dishes or during a dinner to use for sauces or special oils.
They are everyday items that are always useful and when they are unique like these, they add a touch of elegance to the table. I have written very good condition because just the silver dish has some scratches, as seen in the photos, but the glass parts are undamaged.
When an item is beautiful and unique, a use can always be found for it.
I ship with courier and not with postal services so that the items have double packaging and arrive more quickly. The tariffs differ depending on the country.

Aantal items
Roestvrij staal, kristal, zilver
Ontwerper / Kunstenaar
Arch. Taddei e altri
Fabrikant / Merk
Guzzini e altri
Geschatte periode
1920 - 1959
Land van herkomst
Uitstekende staat - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale gebruikssporen en tekenen van ouderdom
35×35×35 cm
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