Uliano Lucas (1942) - Carabinieri a cavallo. Due fotografie originali (1970 ca)

Uliano Lucas (1942) - Carabinieri a cavallo. Due fotografie originali (1970 ca)
Ontwikkelgelatinezilverdruk (OGZ) - Gestempeld, Persbureau/krantenzegel

Two beautiful original photographs. Silver gelatin print. Vintage print [from the1970s]. 39x26 cm. On the back: handwritten caption, photographer’s stamp and stamp of the Grazia Neri Agency. Tiny, slight flaws at the margins.
Shot by Uliano Lucas (Milan 1942). Born to a working-class family, the photographer began his training at a very young age, attending the historic clubs of Brera, where he interacted and exchanged experience with artists, photographers and intellectuals. Always attentive to social issues, in his shots, he masterfully described the popular and social fabric of Milan, the students protest, the years of the terrorism, the working class world and its transformations. He collaborated as a freelance reporter with the most important Italian newspapers. As a correspondent, he followed and documented, among other events, the process of decolonisation in Africa, the complex reality of the Middle East, the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia and the life of immigrants in Europe.

Uliano Lucas (1942)
Titel van kunstwerk
Carabinieri a cavallo. Due fotografie originali (1970 ca)
Ontwikkelgelatinezilverdruk (OGZ)
Gestempeld, Persbureau/krantenzegel
Vintage afdruk
39×26 cm
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