Fulvio Quinto - Marilyn Stripes 2-8-9-13

Fulvio Quinto - Marilyn Stripes 2-8-9-13
Gemengde techniek - Handgesigneerd - 2020

Giclée on canvas hand-retouched with acrylic colours, mounted on wooden stretcher. It’s not a copy but a unique piece. Document of authenticity with signature and fingerprint of the artist.
Professional packaging and shipping by courier. In the past, hundreds of artists have represented Marilyn Monroe, and her image has been inevitably proposed as a sexy icon and a symbol par excellence of the American Star System.

The work we propose here is for the first time a reversal, and it represents a journey in search of the human face and feelings of this character.

The thirteen portraits of Marilyn made by the artist represent these feelings:
1 Outgoing personality
2 Melancholy
3 Emotion
4 Introversion
5 Contentment
6 Mischief
7 Likableness
8 Passion
9 Sensuality
10 Awareness
11 Sadness
12 Nostalgia
13 Complicity
Each work consists of four portraits and therefore four feelings. And it’s precisely by combining different feelings that the works are transformed into explosions of empathy.
Four different feelings, depicted in a single work, generate 715 different combinations, which inevitably trigger a strong emotional involvement in the viewer. This leads to the most varied and strong sensations, even bordering on emotion.

Fulvio Quinto
Titel van het kunstwerk
Marilyn Stripes 2-8-9-13
Gemengde techniek
In uitstekende staat
Totale afmetingen
71,5×2,5×81,6 cm
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