Hermann Müller - Zündnadeln - 1870

Hermann Müller - Zündnadeln - 1870
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Hermann Müller (1841-1934) was an architect, painter and draughtsman.

28 sheets, approx. 60*50 cm, in hardback.

A rich field of his humorous draughtsmanship are his many picture sheets drawn on stone, including the 1870/71 „Zündnadeln. Ernste und heitere Bilder aus dem deutschen Nationalkrieg gegen Napoleon III.“

The sheets were created in the first days after the French declaration of war on Prussia in 1870. The caricatures on the railway carriages carrying the troops that he saw passing through the station in the first days after mobilisation gave him the idea that he could create similar but better drawings. At home he made a number of drawings and the next day he threw them into the passing wagons, which caused a tremendous cheer. One day, when a number of sheets were left over due to the absence of a train, he showed them to a bookseller friend who suggested that the sheets be reproduced for sale. Müller asked for time to think about the matter and talk to his father. The latter was against it because the draughtsman could fare badly if the French came into the country. By the time the first sheet of ››Zündnadeln« was printed, the victorious battle of Weissenburg had eliminated the danger of the French occupying German soil. The arrival of the first prisoner transport with the first foliage-decorated loot cannon at the station was captured in the picture, as were the captured Frenchmen housed in the baggage car. These drawings were united on one sheet with the depiction of how the French intended to celebrate Napoleon's Day (15 August) in Berlin. This sheet was particularly well received. So many copies were ordered that it was difficult to produce them all. The ''Times'' of 25 August mentions it as ''especially good'' and pays special tribute to the ''kindling'' with the words: ››Die Buchhändlererker sind voll von Karikaturen, die meist von einem abscheulichen Geschmack zeugen. Eine Ausnahme davon machen die in Darmstadt verlegten und von einem Künstler namens Müller gezeichneten Zündnadeln«. Ihm kommt der Ruhm zu, ››Wohl die ansprechendsten geliefert zu haben«. The last, the 28th sheet, shows the victory celebration. (Karl Esselborn in his biography "Hermann Müller", 1925).

Condition: Very well preserved in the middle of the book is a small hole about 1mm visible on the last photos.

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Hermann Müller
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Verlag und Depot gemeinnütziger Schriften
Harde kaft
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49×32 cm
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