Gratien / Clementis Quinti - Decretalium (Bound w:) Clementinae (:) Extravagantes - 1553

Gratien / Clementis Quinti - Decretalium (Bound w:) Clementinae (:) Extravagantes - 1553
Geschiedenis, Religie - Aantal: 1 - Ingeplakte plaatjes - Boek

Beautiful Venetian illustrated book from the 1500s. Decorated with large full-page woodcuts: portrait of ‘Bonifacius Octavius’, ‘Arbor Afinitatis’ and ‘Arbor Consanguinitatis’, ‘Arbor Seu Figura Declarativa Titul. De jure Patro’.

Three volumes bound in one: Decretalium, Clementinae, Extravagantes, decorated with wonderful illustrated drop caps engraved on wood.

First title page in red and black, text in Latin, printed in red and black on 2 columns framed by glosses (Johannes Andreae) (Baudrier VII-338).

The first medieval edition of the Corpus is attributed to a certain Gratien, a monk who lived in Bologna. The choice of name itself reflects the tradition followed, that of the Corpus Juris Civilis. Pius IV and especially Pius V had the idea of correcting and completing this work by giving it an official form. Therefore, the latter appointed a commission of cardinals in 1566, assisted by the Romani correctores.

In 1580, the Corpus was published with the ‘brief’ ‘Quum pro munere’ and made mandatory by the subsequent one of 2nd June 1582 ‘Emendationem decretorum’, after its official promulgation, the Corpus was never amended and formed the foundation of the law of the Roman Catholic Church until the 1917 Code of Canon Law.

Magnificent edition of the Sextus with the masterful commentary of the distinguished Tuscan jurist Giovanni D'Andrea called ‘fons iuris’ because of his multiple legal interests and the greatness of his interpretations. Johannes Andreae - Giovanni d'Andrea (Rifredo, 1270 circa – Bologna, 1348).

Pope Clement had officially promulgated the Clementinae in a consistory held in Monteaux, on March 21, 1314, during the so-called ‘Avignonese Captivity’.
The comment, or ordinary glossa, is the work of the Bolognese lawyer Giovanni d’Andrea.

Traditionally the Clementinae took the name of Liber septimus delle decretali, after the five of Pope Gregory IX and the Liber Sextus of Pope Boniface VIII, here bound in primis. Clement V, the first pope of the Avignone captivity, had a vision of the Church first of all as a ‘stable organisation’, with a strong focus on economic aspects.
Born Bertrand de Got or Gouth (Villandraut, 1264 – Roquemaure, 20 April 1314) was the 195th Pope, from 1305 until his death. He is remembered for suppressing the order of the Templars (1307) and for transferring the Holy See to France.

Abebooks EUR 1,618.29.

Coeval full parchment binding – handwritten title on the spine and covers with missing parts and signs of wear – handwritten note in the title page and some margins of inner pages. Whitened at the margins to censor some stained glosses. Decretalium Pp. 36 + full-page engraving – Pp. 463 + 2 beautiful engraved full-page plates. Clementinae Pp. 191 + large plate folded several times with description. Extravagantes Pp. 10 + 262

* TOME 1 – Sextus liber decretalium cum epitomis, divisionibus, & glossa ordinaria Do. Jo. Andre, unà cum utilibus additionibus novissime recognition, & infinitis propè mendis purgatus studio & industria clarissimi jureconsulti parisiensis VV. doctoris celeberrimi, & in supremo Galliae senatu patroni consultissimi superfluis & uselessilibus expunctis. Quibus praeter haec praeclarae & decisivae annotationes omnibus tam in schola quàm in foro, in theory & praxi accesserunt. * * TOME 2 – Clementinae. Clementis Quinti constitutiones, quas Clementinas vocant, ab Aegidio Perrino, officiali de Josayo, diligenter detectitae, cum summariis, casibus notabilibus, juris patronatus arbore ac additionibus, tam ex Joannis Immolae quam Petri Ancharani, Zabarellae, Barbatiae, Panormitani, doctorum Vankelum commentariis collectis. Quibus additae fuere decisivae nonnullae additiones, cuiusdam jureconsulti parisiensis, & in supremo parisiorum senatu causarum patroni esperientissimi, quae anteà nel suo Clementinis maxime requirebantur (Poem dedicated to printer Hugues de La Porte, at the head of the book).
* TOME 3 – Extravagantes, tum viginti Joannis vicesimi secundi, tum communes cum glossis & epitomis assuetis, & recognition, & emendatae. . Quibus (praeter ea, quae prior editio continebat) cuiusdam Iureconsulti parisiensis viri sanè quam docti, & in supremo parisiorum senatu causarum patroni esperientissimi nonnullae decisivae Additiones, quae anteà requirebantur, accesserunt., 332).

Apud Hugonem à Porta & Antonium Vincentium
Lugdvni 1553

Aantal boeken
Geschiedenis, Religie
Auteur/ Illustrator
Gratien / Clementis Quinti
Decretalium (Bound w:) Clementinae (:) Extravagantes
Publicatiejaar oudste item
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Oorspronkelijke taal
Apud Hugonem à Porta & Antonium Vincentium, Lugdvni
Ingeplakte plaatjes
Aantal pagina‘s.
263×212 mm
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