voormalige bruid en bruidegom globe (1) - Art Nouveau - Glas, Hout- Kastanje, Messing

voormalige bruid en bruidegom globe (1) - Art Nouveau - Glas, Hout- Kastanje, Messing
Frankrijk - 1890-1919

Superb and old authentic and original wedding globe from the end of the 19th century
interior decoration of flowers and leaves in embossed brass
with a dove at its top
a fancy white rose placed on a red velvet cushion
Authentic work of Napoleon III period
with its original glass globe in very good condition
Blackened wooden base.
Total dimensions: 51 cm high x 31 cm wide x 22 cm deep
Globe: 47 cm high x 27 cm wide x 18 cm deep.
Very careful shipping with tracking number.
The wedding globe generally consists of four elements: a blackened wooden base with a glass globe of about 50 cm (also called verrine), a red velvet cushion in the lower part and metallic decor.
Inside the globe, this metallic decoration is made of brass or gilded metal and it symbolises the great feelings that lead to marriage: love, fidelity, prosperity. It consists of many decorative ornaments with a plant motif (leaves, flowers, fruits), small mirrors which, according to their shape, their number, and their position establish a very precise language.
The central mirror, for example, symbolises the reflection of the soul and of the truth; the triangular mirror represents fertility; the oval mirrors are lucky charms generally offered by the friends of the bride. The number of mirrors in diamond shape corresponds to the number of children desired by the couple.
The wedding globe is usually offered by the mother of the bride or her godmother; the day after the wedding, the young bride places her crown on the red velvet cushion (also called skullcap), but also some small souvenirs, such as the ball book, brooches, necklaces.
In the upper part of the decoration, the dove holding a laurel wreath in its beak symbolises peace in the home.
The ivy leaf means attachment, the linden leaf means loyalty, the oak leaf means longevity

Aantal items
voormalige bruid en bruidegom globe
Glas, Hout- Kastanje, Messing
Model / Naam
a la colombe
Art Nouveau
Geschatte periode
Land van herkomst
Uitstekende staat - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale gebruikssporen en tekenen van ouderdom
51×31×22 cm
2 kg
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