GIA - 18 karaat Witgoud - Oorbellen - 1.41 ct Diamanten - Diamanten

GIA - 18 karaat Witgoud - Oorbellen - 1.41 ct Diamanten - Diamanten
Maat: 1 - Totaal gewicht: 1.82 g

Ideal cut Princess cut Diamonds mounted in a classic martini earrings setting.
this pair is cut for a full perfection
great for every day -extremely beautiful

18K white gold earrings-1.82 Grams

Main Stone:
-2 diamonds in a total weight of 1.41 ct with Gia laser inscription Number
Cut:Princess with Gia
Color: F
Clarity: VVS2


Please feel free to ask a deferent gold colour and we can produce it.

Please feel free to ask a deferent gold colour and then we can produce it for you based on your favourite colour.

Important Information for the bidders:

Please spend one min from your time to get all the Information That you need before the bidding.

What comes with the Diamond?
All details written in the Lot subtitle

1 .Original certificate
2 .laser inscribe
3-IGI STONES WILL COME SEALED -Gia are not willing to seal at that time
3 .Every lot will say in the Subtitle or will show Image if the Diamond is sealed or not.
4 .France Broker including in the shipping price (France Regulations)
5 Cool And Preety Box ( please feel free to select Blue-black-Brown BOX )
6-Gold and Diamonds QA with 14-18-21 K Stamp according to the product

Our specialities

1-our Fine Jewlery based on the Ideal cut Diamonds with full Brilliance-its not matter which shape colour or clarity you will choose -every Diamond that you will get from us will be Shiney and Preety With Guaranty

The most important in Diamonds is to buy Ideal cut Diamonds what’s means Full Life shine and sparkles with a brilliant diamonds.

There is a Huge Deferent Between a diamond Jewellery with Fair and good cut diamonds then a Fine Jewel that all the diamonds that mounted is cut properetly with ideal cut that making the diamond sparkle.
I would put This as number one Tip when you Buy Top Diamonds Jewles.

All our Diamonds and Jewles will come to you with 100% insurance policy and are delivered with DHL Express in most of the orders.
For more details or a different shipping address you can write us once your purchase is complete.

How do I pay The VAT?
It’s very easy. You pay the VAT directly to the courier company.
Important: The VAT is not included in the price of the stone as it’s based on your country law.
The only difference between import and local purchases is the customs clearance fee which is between 30-50 Euro, depending on your country.

The import process is very simple as the shipping company does the entire import procedure, with the exception of France - Due to the country regulations, the customs clearance must take place with customs broker so please be aware that shipping time can be 4-7 business days.
All the customer has to do is pay the VAT.

In Switzerland the VAT is only 7%.
In Hong Kong and the USA the VAT is 0%.

* We also offer a "By Passenger" service from Geneva Airport, Switzerland - The client can pick up the goods from Geneva Air Port without paying any tax on Goods that delivered to him (only in his country he needs to Declare but not in the airport) The cost of this service is additional 300 Euro.


We're a Diamonds and jewlery Traders and Manufacturer that specialises in Fine Diamonds and Top Diamonds jewellery all our side diamonds also comes With Ideal Cut Diamonds - which means Top Sparkling Diamonds.
We specialize in Ideal Cut, Tolkowsky cut and Hearts and arrows.All our diamonds are planned by Sarin High Tech planning machines for Diamond Rough.
The result is of maximum accuracy in cutting and light reflection

Our rough origin is Syndicate rough- Alrosa and Canadian rough and all our Diamonds are conflict free Diamonds with Kimberly certificate.

Our main goal is to offer consumers the Best value goods per the cut shape and the make of the Diamonds that’s what really make your diamond worth more and sparkle.

We guarantee the best reserve prices for the fine quality of the diamonds we offer
Please feel free to Bid and check our profile to learn more about us and our Products.

Thank you Very much for taking the time to read ) if you are looking for the best Diamonds and Jewlery With Manufacturing price please feel free and comfortable to Bid.

Best Wishes

Wilf Diamonds Team

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