Intini Jewels - 18 karaat Geel goud, Goud - Collier, Collier met hanger - 375.00 ct Jade - Jade

Intini Jewels - 18 karaat Geel goud, Goud - Collier, Collier met hanger - 375.00 ct Jade - Jade
Maat: 51 cm - Totaal gewicht: 80.3 g

Elegant and attractive iconic 375 carats Omphacite Jade necklace with a stunning round carved medallion full of power, energy and stories. The carved design symbolised the traditional symbols and artisan decoration for love, power and joy. Marvelous design that combines delicate jade spheric beads embellished by a gold chain of 18 karat yellow gold that ends in an extraordinary pendant that represents the primary hardstone of Chinese sculpture.

Inspired by the Chinese culture and remarkable art, it is sufficient to say that one of the gates in the Great Wall of China is named the Jade Gate. Jade is considered the ‘stone of heaven’. It is symbolic of Yang, the essence of male energy, and in traditional Taoist beliefs, the Jade Emperor is the ruler of the cosmos and the celestial counterpart of the Chinese emperor on Earth. The Chinese Jade is associated with courage, wisdom, purity and nobility.

• 18 karat yellow gold 5.30 g
• Jade Omphacite cm 375 carats
• Total Weight 80.3 g
• Total Length 51 cm

At Intini Jewels we are committed to provide a unique luxury experience, through jewelry designed by us and inspired by beauty and authenticity.

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Collier, Collier met hanger
Geel goud, Goud
18 karaat
Intini Jewels
51 cm
Totaal gewicht
80,3 g
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