Uitzonderlijke grote reptiel 70 cm - Mesosaurus - Op matrix - Stereosternum timidum COPE - 65×24×3 cm

Uitzonderlijke grote reptiel 70 cm - Mesosaurus - Op matrix - Stereosternum timidum COPE - 65×24×3 cm
Lower Permian - Brazilië

An Exceptional 70 cm large Mesosaur fossil. A museum-worthy item.

Stereosternum tumidum (meaning "rigid chest") (Stereos, Greek: “solid, firm”; Sternon, Greek: “chest, breastbone”) is an extinct genus of mesosaur marine reptile from the Early Permian.
Stereosternum was about 75 centimetres in length as an adult.
Many of the ribs and the Haemal arches are thickened with bone or have a pachyostotic characteristic, which would have helped the animal to be able to dive deep in the water as a counteracting force against buoyancy.

The mesosaur was one of the first reptiles to live in the water since the amphibians have appeared. In fact it had numerous specializations for underwater life: palmed legs, a hydrodynamic and flexible body and a long tail supported by flaps of skin growing on the edges. Like ordinary lamantine, it also had very thick ribs.

This specimen preserve many stunning details: thin large teeth, perfect complete tail, all the 60 caudal vertebrae are perfectly preserved, manus and pedes are well preserved, showing the 2-3-4-5-5 phalangeal formula.

All the bones are well inflated, not flat or smashed.
From old Collection from Japan.

Notes of restoration:
All the bones are 100% original, no restoration on the specimen.
For the size of this specimen the matrix is been restored, professionally prepared and glued in four parts: in the extraccion of large specimens like this is normal for the matrix to break into several parts.

Species: Stereosternum timidum
Position: Itapetininga, Parana', Brazil
Matrix dimensions: 65x 24 x 3 cm
Fossil size: 70 cm
Period: Lower Permian
Specimen is 7,5 kg.

Beautiful elegant and heavy inclined iron standing included.

Shipping: The lot will be carefully packaged and shipped with tracking code.

Uitzonderlijke grote reptiel 70 cm - Mesosaurus
Op matrix
Wetenschappelijke naam
Stereosternum timidum COPE
Geologisch tijdperk
Lower Permian
65×24×3 cm
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