Kadir Amigo Memis (1974) - Untitled, 2020.

Kadir Amigo Memis (1974) - Untitled, 2020.
Gemengde techniek, op canvas op karton - Ongesigneerd

Kadir Amigo Memis (1974), Untitled, 2020.
Mixed media on canvas on cardboard, 70 x 50 cm. Good condition.
Provenance: From the artist's studio; Berlin Collection.
Condition: Good condition.
Kadir Amigo Memis defines himself as an urban nomad, a wandering collector of gestures, smells, colours and sounds, a painter of ink and acrylic improvisations of the lights and shadows of the city.
He is an urban choreographer and calligrapher; a writer of the movement who draws on his childhood memories of being a shepherd on a small Turkish farm before being transplanted to the city of West Berlin at the age of fifteen without speaking the language or understanding the culture.
For 32 years he has been searching for a form to express formlessness.
With Zeybreak, the first fusion of traditional Anatolian and urban Berlin dance, Kadir Amigo Memis developed the first migrant Berlin urban dance by adopting the structures of solo Turkish Robin Hood (Zeybek) village dance and hip hop culture.
His compositions contain personal symbols that reflect the spiritual movements upwards from the ground through the centre of the canvas into the sky. The overlapping memories and the blending of techniques of textured layers of ink and acrylic paint are components that reflect a displacement and identification where the sum is always greater than the parts that spring from the expression.

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Kadir Amigo Memis (1974)
Titel van kunstwerk
Untitled, 2020.
Gemengde techniek, op canvas op karton
In goede staat
Totale afmetingen
70×0×50 cm
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